You want to create another Scrum blog – seriously?

cooltext1905135918Welcome to and let me start by clarifying that this is not another flavour of Agile but simply a blog for me to post my reflections on coaching Scrum.

My role as an enterprise Agile consultant enables me to travel around the UK helping engineers transform development practices by using Agile. I enjoy working at all levels of the company from the management board down to the teams that actually produce the products.

My goals for this blog are to encourage me to write regularly, to consolidate my posts in a single place and to be able to discuss knowledge areas that interest me.

I am aiming this blog at the journeyman skill level, those using Scrum who would like to learn more. There are already some great sites out there for starting scrum but I would like to hear more from real teams working to deliver complex projects.

Blog site up and running and introductory post complete – that’s two stories in my Done column already, a good start to sprint one of project Blog.

My next story is to create a post around the Definition of Done, thanks for reading.