In April I wrote a FrontRowAgile post looking at the new words created around the adoption of agile.

I am genuinely interested in the new lexicon introduced by disruptive change and seemingly from the number of comments other people are too.

I listed my top ten favourite anti-agile terms and received several additional contributions in the comments.


My latest FrontRowAgile post describes anti-patterns frequently seen with the Product Owner role in Scrum.

I have used real examples that I witnessed whilst coaching Scrum teams. I look forward to hearing further examples from others (and getting to avoid them myself).

This is the third post in the series of four on the role of a product owner, thank you to Jessica Lee (BizBuzzContent) for managing the process. The last in the series will be published later this month.


Header image for PO part 2 postDue to the excitement of the new year, I forgot to mention that my third Front Row Agile post was published on January 3rd.

The great news is I like the graphic and I have had some interesting and challenging comments to respond to. The less good news is it is still a very long post, apologies, I must work more on shortening them.

This is the second post in the series of four on the role of a product owner. This post examines the day-to-day activities of a product owner within the context of a sprint.

Thank you again to Jessica Lee from BizBuzzContent for editing the post and helping with the process.