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Over the last three Agile resource posts I have added pages for Book Reviews, Recommended Videos and Recommended Blogs. This post highlights the new Recommended Agile Websites page that contains valuable Agile resources to read and download for future use.

There are a lot of Agile websites out there, most of which are selling consultancy services or other products. I have sifted through and found fifteen high-quality sites that contain great resources that are immediately usable. I have provided links to these along with a short summary.

These pages act as a brain dump of my usual Agile haunts so that I can point people at this site instead of having to remember all of the details myself. The Internet in this case replaces extend my memory as described by Amber Case in her excellent TED Talk ‘We are all Cyborgs now’.

As always, let me know if there are some great Agile Websites that contain useful resources that I have missed. I can then add them to my list to make them more visible to practitioners searching for greater knowledge.

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Onward and upward, next up is my review of Agile blogs. I have sifted through over two hundred blogs to come up with my top dirty dozen Agile blogs. This list includes the great and the good from the Agile world, or at least those that blog frequently…

Included are the co-creators of Scrum, the creator of Kanban, a few Agile Manifesto signatories, an anarchist and a cartoonist. Hopefully there is enough here to keep everyone occupied and amused. Blogs are a great way of learning from the experiences of other practitioners working within Agile.

Please let me know if there are other good Agile blogs that I should be reading.


Spring cleaning is a wonderful thing, blowing away the cobwebs and removing clutter from my life. I am working on moving my recommendation lists from my hard disk onto this site so it is easier for me to point at when asked instead of having to send e-mails.

Three weeks back I created a new page containing Agile Book Reviews and wrote a quick post upon it. I have received some good feedback on the page so have decided to put up a new page covering Agile Video Reviews.

This page contains a top twenty list of my favourite Agile videos, some of which are obvious (anything by Henrik Kniberg) and some less so (Hitler at a Sprint Review and Where the Hell is Matt?). I hope that this proves interesting and even valuable for you and please let me know if you have any further recommendations for Agile videos to watch.