Book stack imageOver the past couple of years, I have made the time to seriously read books within the Agile domain. I have been surprised by both the number of books available and the variability in their quality.

I read Agile books to broaden my knowledge and learn from the experience of others. For each book that I read I wrote a short review and have given a star rating. This was primarily to help the Agile community of practice I was with but also to help myself remember what I have read.

I have created a new page on this site to list all of my book reviews, these are books that I have read thoroughly cover to cover. They have all been bought, downloaded with Kindle unlimited or electronically from another site. I have not received any compensation and I am not sponsored in any way. I have included clickable cover images to Amazon just in case anyone wants to buy a book immediately or see reviews from other people.

The reviews contain my honest and personal opinions, it’s fine if you don’t agree – there are many more reviews on Amazon so please take a look there.

To see the reviews please select ‘Agile Book Reviews‘ in the side bar or menu or click here.

And to answer the normal question I get, yes I do have a bit too much free time on my hands.