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It has been an absolute pleasure over the past few years to attend Agile events and meet a few of the great names of the Agile world. With thanks to the Meetup group organisers and other companies involved I have included a note of some of the events I attended below.

I really recommend Meetup to everyone to learn more about their chosen interests from others.


Ken Rubin

Practical Agile Transition Lessons

Tuesday May 30th

Meetup Group: London Scrum User Group


Tobias Mayer

Teal Shade of Agile

Wednesday February 8th

Meetup Group: Agile Practitioners

Ash Maurya

How to Scale using Lean

Monday January 23rd

Meetup Group: Lean Startup Circle London

 Ash Maurya



Carole Roche

Agile Estimation, Prioritisation and Planning with Lego

Friday November 25th

Meetup Group: Agile South East Woking

 Lego Estimation
Luke Hohmann

Advanced Uses of Visual Collaboration Games

Monday November 14th

British Computer Society

Luke Hohmann
Antony Marcano, Joe Schemetzer, Hakan Forss, Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse

Agile Tour London 2016

Friday October 21st

Agile Tour London

Philippa Oldham, Courtenay McMillan, Clementine Chambon, Nick Francis, Wen-Wen Lindroth, Sim Singha, Edward Gardiner, Chris Gledhill, Felicia Williams, Kristian Myrseth, Simon Hill, Helena Morrissey, Lucy Cooper


Thursday September 22nd

Fidelity International

Olga Loyev

Oh FFS, can we stop estimating?

Thursday September 15th

Meetup Group: Kanban Coaching Exchange

Andrew Sales, Martin Burns, Shane Harrison, Darren Byrne, Marc Leijten

Know the flow to master business agility

Thursday September 15th

Meetup Group: Agile on the Rocks

Lily Cole, Aly Blenkin, Hilary Johnson, Ben Grohbiel

3, 2, 1 Product Launch – Impossible People

Thursday September 15th

Meetup Group: Pivotal Lunch and Learn

Pivotal and Lily
Dan North

Beyond Features: Rethinking Agile Software Delivery

Thursday July 19th

Meetup Group: Adventures with Agile

Dan North
Conference: Gerry Tombs, Matthew Coughlan, Simon Wood, Matt Griffin, Gen Ashley, Julie Holmes, Darren Thatcher, Edward Scotcher, Scott Fulton, Matthew Gardiner

BBQ in the Cloud

Thursday July 19th


Donald Reinertsen

Cost of Delay: Theory and Practice

Wednesday June 29th

Meetup Group: Adventures with Agile

Donald Reinertsen
Jurgen Appelo

Managing for Happiness

Thursday June 16th

Meetup Group: London Management 3.0

Jurgen Appell Photograph
Alistair Cockburn

Returning to the Heart of Agile

Tuesday June 14th

Meetup Group: Adventures with Agile

Alistair Cockburn Photograph
Ken Rubin

Embrace Agile Budgeting, Planning, and Accounting

Tuesday February 9th

Meetup Group: London Scrum User Group

Ken Rubin
Scott W. Ambler & Jonathan Smart

Disciplined Agile Business Analysis: Lessons from the Trenches

Tuesday February 2nd

Meetup Group: Adventures with Agile


Katja Kotz, Jon Mullen & Scott Potter

Spotify, Sky and News UK, sharing experiences on Transformation and Improvement

Thursday January 21st

Meetup Group: Agile Practitioners

Melanie Franklin

Changing Culture – what does it take to become Agile

Thursday January 14th

Meetup Group: Psychology of Agile Scrum




Lyssa Adkins & Michael Spayd

What would it take to have an Agile enterprise?

Wednesday 4th November

Meetup Group: Adventures with Agile


David J. Anderson

The need for Enterprise Services Planning

Tuesday 20th October

Meetup Group: Limited WIP Society


Don Reinertsen

An Introduction to Second Generation Lean Product Development: Applying the Principles of Flow

Wednesday 23rd September

Meetup Group: Adventures with Agile

Bas Vodde

Large Scale Scrum (LeSS)

Wednesday 16th September

Meetup Group: Adventures with Agile

Alexander Osterwalder

Design Your Value Proposition

Thursday 10th September

Meetup Group: Lean Startup Circle London

Jeff Gothelf

Lean UX in the Enterprise

Thursday 20th August

Meetup Group: Agile Connexions

Samir Talwar & Rachel Davies

Tackling Infrastructure Debt

Monday 17th August

Meetup Group: Extreme Programmers London

Martin Cronje & Jacques de Vos Dealing

Rescuing Legacy Software from Impending Doom (Refactoring from the Trenches)

Tuesday 11th August

Meetup Group: Agile Connexions

Harriet Morgan, Gail Caulfield, Giulio Leso, Dave Broome & Nic Jackson 

Indiana Jones & Not on The High Street

Wednesday 22nd July

Meetup Group: Agile London

Darren Wilmshurst

Does Agile Scale to the Portfolio?

Tuesday 7th July

Meetup Group: Agile Evening Meetup Group


Darren Wilmshurst 
Roman Pichler

Product Strategy & Product Success

Wednesday 22nd April

Meetup Group: Forward Partners Live – Tech Startup Speakers Events

 Roman Pichler
Gil Broza

The Human Side of Agile Management: What It Takes to Grow Great Teams

Monday 13th April

Meetup Group: Agile Leadership Community

 Gil Broza
Peter W. Szabo

UX Design & the Seven Deadly Sins

Thursday 9th April

Meetup Group: Agile UX Meetup

Peter Szabo
Rachel Davies

Building Learning into Team Life

Wednesday 11th March

Meetup Group: Agile Coaching Exchange

 Rachel Davies - Agile Coaching
Peter Measey

Radtac & BCS launch of the book Agile Foundations

Tuesday 3rd March

Meetup Group: Agile Evening

 Peter Measey
Geoff Watts

Mastering the Traits that Trap Us

Wednesday 25th February

Meetup Group: Agile Coaching Exchange

 Geoff Watts
Scott W. Ambler

Introduction to Disciplined Agile Delivery

Monday 23rd February

Meetup Group: Adventures with Agile

 Scott Ambler
Craig Larman

Introduction to Large Scale Scrum

Wednesday 11th February

Meetup Group: Adventures with Agile

Craig Larman - LeSS
Robin Yeman

Enterprise Agile at Lockheed Martin

Wednesday 4th February

Association for Project Management

Robin Yeman - Lockheed Martin
Derek Morrison

Agile Assessment at Tesco PLC

Monday 26th January

Meetup Group: Agile Practitioners

 Derek Morrison - Tesco
Dean Leffingwell

Scaled Agile Framework 3.0

Friday 23rd January

Agile on the Rocks – Rally

 Dean Leffingwell - SAFe



Mike Cohn

Agile Estimating and Planning Training

Friday December 12th

Mountain Goat Software

 Mike Cohen - Agile Estimating & Planning
Jeff Sutherland

Drinks event and book signing

Thursday October 23rd

Evolve Beyond

 Jeff Sutherland - Scrum

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