A View of Brexit Through an Agile Lens

I UK and Europe merged flagam very proud to have had my first post published on the Front Row Agile website. Thank you to Jessica Lee from BizBuzzContent for guiding me through the publication process.

I wrote this post a few weeks back after the shock referendum vote for the UK to leave the Europe Union (with a marginal majority). I am still astounded that intelligent people would think that we are better independent than working within Europe but I have accepted it and moved on.

Just to note, we are leaving the European Union and not Europe, short of attaching some huge outboard motors to the UK mainland I suggest we will remain within Europe itself.

My thoughts for the post were on how can we use Agile practices to help with the Brexit negotiations and leave process.

Please have a read of my post and comment on FrontRowAgile to let me know what you think.

Thanks, ScrumRonin